Green Coffee Bean Extract: Your Dieting Struggles are Over

Could the secret key to finally losing weight finally have been found in green coffee bean extract? thinks so and frankly, so do we. Recent studies show a lot of promise and the feedback we’ve been reading is pretty profound. In one study that lasted 22 weeks, participants lost an incredible ten percent of their body weight. Seems this and garcinia cambogia are the top performers at the moment.

What makes this extract so different, though? What could possibly explain the mysterious, sometimes called magical effect it has on your weight? Just as garcinia cambogia has a “magical” ingredient hydroxycitric acid, green coffee has its own “magical” ingredient too… Dr. Joe Vinson is said to think it’s the chlorogenic acid that’s found within the extract.

Now don’t go thinking that you can just sit back and enjoy some coffee each day and watch the weight drop off. This substance, chlorogenic acid, is only found in unroasted coffee beans. Your coffee is made from roasted beans.

How Chlorogenic Acid Makes You Lose Weight

This acid inhibits the release of glucose (sugars) into your blood stream. When you eat and glucose is absorbed into your blood stream, your liver is then responsible for producing insulin. This insulin then takes that glucose and turns it into more fat – making you fatter. So because chlorogenic acid doesn’t allow as much glucose to enter the bloodstream, you’re interrupting the process of creating fat. It’s also reported that it could be increasing the effectiveness of your liver in how it metabolizes fat.

The study mentioned at the start of this article included 16 adults who were overweight, according to regulations. Their BMI (body mass index) ranged between 25 to 30. Over the course of 22 weeks, they were given different levels of green coffee extract and a placebo – all at different times throughout the study.

They were monitored throughout the duration of the study for their diet and how much exercise they got. Technically speaking, they should have gained weight. They should have gained a lot of weight. Why? They were eating, on average, a whopping 2.400 calorie per day diet. And they were only getting enough exercise to potentially burn away 400 of them.

But that didn’t happen. Quite the opposite. Participants lost an average of 10 percent of their body weight. They lost, on average, about 17 pounds. And their body fat dropped by a whopping 16 percent. While the study was small, it sure got a lot of attention. Even the American Chemical Society and the Diabetes Metabolic Syndrom and Obesity have talked about it. Which is one reason it sells so well, almost as much as garcinia cambogia extract.

Dr. Joe Vinson was the lead researcher on this particular study, who’s a professor and chemist at the University of Scranton. He pointed out that the results could have been even more dramatic. Each participant received a low dose and a placebo at times during the study. So it makes sense to say that if they had been on a high dose the entire time, we could be reporting much larger numbers.

To Vinson, the most profound aspect of the study is that there were absolutely no side effects reported. And we agree, that’s good news to the ears, considering the flood of weight loss supplements that have caused so many health problems in the past that the FDA had to intervene.

It was also noted that some participants experienced a reduction in heartbeats per minute, which it may actually be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Of course, we’d never recommend trying to replace high blood pressure meds with it, but we’d definitely recommend talking to your doctor about green coffee extract if you have high blood pressure.